which person can be more successful-Greedy man succeeds in stock market-cashermaking

Friends, today I will tell you which person can be more successful in this article in the stock market and how a greedy person can get more profit in the stock market, then today’s article will also be very nice to read. Let’s start with how our emotions affect the stock market.

which person can be more successful-Greedy man succeeds in stock market-cashermaking

#1: Which Person Can Be More Successful

  • Example Of Emotions
  • Share Market Truth
  • Greedy Man Succeeds In Stock Market 

We, humans, are very emotional. We have no control over our emotions and we can’t control our emotions. And whatever decisions we make in our emotions, most of the decisions prove to be wrong. Learn to control your emotions and be successful in life. You can find out about yourself how many decisions you made emotionally and proved wrong.

#2: Example Of Emotions

For example, when there is an India-Pakistan match, some people break their TVs. Why does this happen? Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection. He will say that we are crazy. He who breaks the TV will never agree to break the TV. And the next day when they break the TV, they prove that they are emotional and that they are crazy.

The only reason to say this is that if you make a decision based on emotions, it is always wrong. People buy stocks by talking in the stock market. And don’t do any fundamental analysis and then the damage happens later. So when they leave the stock market it is very risky.

#3: Stock Market Truth

The damage they do is due to their own fault. It is like someone starts driving fast and after having an accident they will start telling other people that they have caused the accident and blame the people on the whole road. Get started People are asking for tips in the stock market and by following the tips they try to benefit us. In the last four hundred years, the stock market has never been richer and will never be.

#4: Greedy Man Succeeds In Stock Market

I mentioned in an article how stock prices go up and down. When a stock price goes down, so does its price. When you accept tips from someone, that person recommends the stock that he bought himself at that time. When you and people like you buy stocks there, the demand for stocks will also increase. As a result, its price will also increase.

And the servant who recommended you the shares will sell you the shares and take his profit and when the market price comes down then you will have to incur loss again. This is called pump and dump if the stock market price goes up. Most of the companies that are not good, their price goes up because people think that this company is performing well but the company is performing well in the stock market but the company is the one that is at a loss. Or on which there is debt.

And a lot of people get emotional and start buying a lot of stocks and they say that now you buy any stock you will benefit. Some people think that now the market will continue to go up, so it does not happen that when the market comes to its correction, all the prices will come to their own value. Ksc100 was performing quite well but its price will go up a lot which will be overvalued and increased the price too much.

A year later, its price fell as fast as it went up. And because of the Coronavirus, the stock market crashed, but then a year later the market came to its rightful place where its price was and this happens when the price of the stock goes up or down. Similarly, when the market became overvalued, people invested money and it never went back up because people got emotional and bought stocks.

And some people come to corona thinking that now that the market has crashed it will not go back up and people sold their stocks out of emotion which caused them a lot of losses but then the market went up a lot and you Came to the right place. Many people lost their lives and lost their profits but the market went up by more than 800%. Even if the stock market goes up, it does not affect the business of the listed company.

Similarly, when the market crashes, the business of the listed companies is not affected. If you have done the fundamentals and you know that this company will perform well in the feature then you should never miss such an opportunity if the stock price is going down then you can buy this stock. And when the market corrects itself, the stock price will definitely come up.

If the market goes up then you never buy the stock but you have to wait for the market to correct itself and then I will invest in it. There are very few people in the world who are successful and have control over their emotions. The more you control your emotions, the more successful you will be. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation. If you are doing what a lot of people are doing, you can only be as successful as a lot of people are, or you will get the same results as other people.

The work of those who fail is different from that of other people and the work of those who succeed is also different from that of other people. Successful people are in control of almost every single situation, and they will succeed. So this whole article means that if you have invested in a good company then if its price goes down you can buy more stocks.

If the market goes down, it means that you are getting those shares at some discount. Always take a good look at your fundamentals and make sure you understand everything well and then buy your stock. Never hurt yourself by getting emotional. There are some Warren buffet rules that you must remember and I have explained all those rules to you in this article.

I hope you have understood this article and you have understood what I have said in it if you want to read my other article on the stock market then you can read my full list in which I have explained to you in simple language what the stock market is and how to invest in it, how you are going to sell stocks and how you are going to do fundamental analysis.

So you can read an article on my website about the cryptocurrency stock market then you can definitely read I have told you you can go to my main menu and go to the stock market section and see the whole stock market Related to you can read the whole post. So you can read the whole article.

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