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In this article, I will tell you how people are making money online by trading cryptocurrency and how they make a lot of money from trading. I will tell you what are the benefits of trading and how to trade and what are the types of trading. I will tell you what is futures trading, what is spot trading, and what is margin trading.

What is crypto Feature Trading, margin trading-cryptocurrency trading-cashermaking

Types Of Crypto Trading

Most people think that we have invested in a cryptocurrency and if its price goes up we will make a profit. You invested in someone’s currency. You invested ten thousand and the price of the coin increased. You invested ten thousand rupees and that ten thousand rupees became one lakh, then this is the profit of cryptocurrency.

Now the question arises that apart from this people also make money by trading here so the answer is yes. I will tell you how people make good money by trading. Look at the way we get leverage in the stock market we get the margin. We get margin in option we get margin in future.

Do we get margin even inside cryptocurrency?

So the answer is yes we also understand the concept of how we get the margin. See if there is any market, there is a stock market, there is a forex market or there is a crypto market, then the game of demand and supply runs in every market and technical analysis works everywhere. Is.

Just as you can make money by trading based on price, you can trade by looking at the price in the stock market or in any market, in the forex market as well as in the crypto market.

Candle patterns same here.

Anyone can earn money by looking at the price in any market if there is technical analysis. You can go to any crypto exchange such as Binance and many applications are crypto exchanges. All are the same and all have the same interface.

  • Spot Trading

Now let’s talk about spot trading. Spot trading is basically found on almost every binance application or any crypto exchange. If this coin comes at this price then it will be automatically bought or sold. Spot Trading is simple here you can buy and sell automatically. 

  • Margin Trading

Now let’s talk about margin trading. Here you get 6-time leverage. Now when you trade here, you also have to choose which cryptocurrency you want to trade, you can trade any currency. For example, when you select a bitcoin, you get the option here. You get the option of long and short. Long and short mean to buy or sell.

Where you think the market will go up you can lengthen where you think the market will go down you can short there and trade with it. You can set your time frame to how many time frames you have to work on. Five minutes ten minutes or thirty minutes. If you want to trade for a long duration, you can select 30 minutes. If you want to scalping less time then you can do fifteen minutes. For the short term in separate pair, you will have a separate margin profit. You will see multiple pairs here. If you are interested in any pair then you can select there.

  • Feature Trading

If you trade in feature trading, your investment amount will be bigger but the interface will remain the same. Here you get a margin of 20x. Here you can also choose who you want to trade in with. Here you can also lengthen the meaning, you can buy from here and you can shorten the meaning here. Here in short you get 15x profit. You will get a 15x margin. You have a separate margin in separate pair.

The things I have told you do not mean that if you are new then start trading as soon as you come you do not have to. If you are interested in anything, you should learn it first and then start trading. You had to explain how people are trading and making money from here. The advantage of margin is that if you get a margin today, you get a margin of 20x, then you invest 100 rupees and you can trend up to 2000 rupees.

some explain

If you have one thousand then you can trade twenty thousand rupees. If there is a profit, it will be 20 thousand. If there is a loss, it will be 20 thousand rupees. If you go into any trade, you must first understand why you are trading and if you are trading, you know how to trade. You must be clear about all these concepts.

If you just want to, you can spot trading which is right for you. You can read any coin that you like like I have written this article on Ethereum, you can invest and Meaning buy and when you find the profit and sell it. You should first come to do a technical analysis. If you do not know it then I have written the first article on it. You can read it.

How you do technical analysis and how to make money from it? Some people make money by trading and some people do spot trading and make a lot of money from it so that you can make money. There are many articles on crypto coins where you can invest. I also told you that if you want to do daily trading and make money from daily trading then you can definitely earn. I am giving the link to that article. You can read the article.

I told you an easy way to make money online with cryptocurrency in which you can earn 40 thousand rupees per month without any loss. Earning Rs. Monthly I also told you that you will get more profit on your own. You can double your money 100%. Follow whatever method you can and click here and reach this article. You will get the article. Will read and work and I have written many articles where I have told you you can earn money sitting at home.

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