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In today’s article I will tell you what blue chip stocks are and if you invest in them then blue chip stock can be the best stock of your life and you can make a lot of money from it. And it can benefit you a lot and you can get rich.

#1: What Is Blue-Chip stock

  • 7 Things Thats Make Company A Blue Chip
  • Blue-Chip Stocks 

First of all let me tell you why blue chip stock is called blue chip stock. Blue chip trim basically comes from poker. In poker, chips are bought first with money and then poker is played with them and the most expensive chip in them is blue chip. From there the term came to the stock market. The company which is called the most valuable company in the stock market is called the blue chip company.

The stock of this company is called blue chip. Here comes the question of what are the things that a company should have which is why it should be called a blue chip company. Looking at a lot of things, any company is called a blue chip company which includes a lot of things. And today I will tell you a lot of things that you can call any company blue chip company.

#2: 7 Things That Make A Company Blue Chip

The biggest thing about any blue chip company is that it has a good track record. For many years, the company has been making huge profits and creating great value.

1: Strong Fundamentals

 Blue chip company fundamentals are very strong. That is, the annual report speaks volumes about the company’s figure. After looking at a lot of company information, it never seems that the company is facing any difficulty in making a profit. Or the company bank is going to be corrupt. Looking at the annual report, it seems that it is very easy for this company to make a profit.

2: Old Company

A special feature of the blue chip company is that it has been registered on the stock exchange for a long time. That is, it has been in business for a long time. For example nestle or toyota etc.

3: Continuous Profit

Blue chip company is making very good profit every year. These companies are money making machines and it is very rare that the company has suffered any loss and if the company performs badly in one year then the company will recover very quickly. Gets. The impact of bad performances does not last long.

Like last year a lot of companies went into loss including blue chip companies but then very soon all these companies recovered. The blue chip company is always ready for bad times and they have already planned what we will do when bad times come and so she recovers very quickly.

No matter which company it is, one or the other time it definitely has a bad time and that company goes into loss but big companies always keep their strategy on how and when they will come out of this loss. That’s why companies are already planning what they will do in bad times. A good company is one that has already made arrangements to get out of bad times.

3: Domination

Most blue chip companies count their business in the industry in which they are performing. If you look at any banking industry, there are a lot of banks that are performing quite well. will be called chip bank.

4: Continuous Dividends

One of the special things about Blue companies is that they pay dividends every year and it is very rare that a company does not pay dividends in one year. It is very rare but they pay dividends to you continuously. As if any time has come in which the company has gone into loss, then that company has not paid dividend.

5: Recovery

Now it is not that the stock prices of blue chip companies do not crash. If stock prices crash then these companies are also affected. But when the market recovers, first the market of blue chip companies recovers. A market crash does not mean that there is a fundamental issue in its business.

Or the company has gone into a loss. Market crashes have no effect on business. Market crashes are one thing and poor company performance is another. Then blue chip stocks recover quickly.

Blue chip company stocks are performing quite as well as before. Now you may be wondering if blue chip companies are so good then why not everyone buys blue company stocks. The first thing is that the stock price of a blue chip company goes up slowly. The company that gets bigger doesn’t go up too much all at once because that company is already too big.

#3: Blue-Chip Stocks

Blue chip company’s stock never sells cheap because everyone wants to buy blue chip company’s stock, then the demand for it increases so much that the price of blue chip stock increases so much and they increase their price. Is selling much more expensive than You have to do all the analysis and then you have to find out if this stock is being traded at market value or not.

There are a lot of such good company and Baloch companies in Pakistan and outside Pakistan also if you want to buy stock you can but you do it on your own analysis and then add any to this group I have made a complete list in which you can read all my articles and read how I have told you one thing about stock market and covered every point of stock market.

You can definitely go and read all my articles if you want to invest in stock market now you want to see how stock market price goes up or down and stock market if you want to learn everything learn full course Go and you can definitely go. You will find it in the whole series in which you can read the daily article and check it and read one article of the day and you will understand much more.

I hope you enjoyed today’s article. You read the whole article from the first article on the stock market to this article and then you will understand about the stock market and I will come up with a lot of such articles. In which you will be given complete information of the market. If you have just entered the stock market and if so, how can you buy and sell your stock in the stock market and also told you about very good penny stock. You can buy them in India.

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