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Today I tell you what is mutual funds and types of mutual funds this article is very important for you. and I tell you best mutual funds invest name of mutual funds full guaid.

types of mutual funds-mutual funds invest-what is mutual fund- cashermaking

Friends, we all know that as inflation rises and the rupee depreciates. The rupee depreciates rapidly in Pakistan. So money does not lose its value. That is why it is so important to invest money in the right place. So when inflation goes up, does our money. 

You can make a good profit by investing in the stock market, but investing directly in the share market is a bit risky. And only if an expert does it right. So here come the mutual funds, today we will talk about the same. The biggest benefit of mutual funds is that you can start investing from one thousand rupees. And your invested one thousand rupees can turn into one lakh.

What is mutual funds?

Mutual funds basically run an investment magnet company. Many investors like you and I invest money in their share market. And investment management, based on their experience, invests this money in the stock market and Bold and government securities. Trying to earn you maximum profit. There are also different types of mutual funds. Such as

  • Equity fund
  • Income Fund
  • Balance fund
  • Index fund

An investment management company in an equity fund invests your money in the stock market. Making a direct investment in the stock market is a bit risky, so the biggest advantage is that an ordinary person does not have enough time or experience to make a direct investment in the stock market. In an equity fund, all your money goes to an experienced person whose job day and night is to invest money in the stock market. They analyze stock market companies day and night. Invest your money in the company that looks the most profitable.

  • Cash Fund

Cash fund investment management company your money bank security and government security.

  • Government securities & Bank securities
  • Commercial paper
  • Certificate of Deposit
  • And sukus etc

The biggest advantage of this is that your capital amount is at low risk. But one of its terms is that it has less profit.

  • Balance Fund

Some of your cash in the balance fund is invested in government securities. And some money is invested in the stock market so it is called balance fund.

  • Index fund

In an index fund, the investment management company invests your money in a direct stock market index.

For example .. KSE 30 / KSE 100 / KMI 30

So which are the investment management companies in Pakistan? You can check all the investment management companies in detail by going to mufap google on the website of the mutual fund of Pakistan in detail. So I hope you have found the basic knowledge of mutual funds through this article. This method is used for each country. Is calculated. If you want to read more articles about me and the stock market, be sure to go and read them.

I have written a whole series on stock market where I have told you how to invest in the Pakistan stock exchange. If you want to invest your money in the share market, you must invest in a mutual fund. Mutual funds are a category where you cannot invest money safely. Mutual funds have many benefits where your money is in the hands of an expert. 

If you want to open your account inside the stock market, I have written another article on it and made a series on the stock market. I am in the stock market and I have already written in this article about how you can increase your money without any loss. You must go and read it so that you can get all the knowledge about investing money here. If you want to make money without investing online then I have written many articles on it that you can go and read my article. 

You can also make money without investing online if you want more than corrupt currency If you want to make money, I have written an article on it where I have invested Rs. 8 lakhs and I have made a profit of Rs. 4 to 5 lakhs. How to invest in market or cryptocurrency and how to save your money from sinking here. Whenever you invest money in any place, one thing you must know is how much profit it can give you.

If You Invest In A Good Mutual Fund Your Money Can Be Double More Than Double You Can Make a Profit There are possibilities. Many people invested money in mutual funds or stock market and they became rich overnight because they invested their money in a good place which doubled their money overnight and he became the richest man. As you know, Warren Buffett is the richest man in the stock market.

Let me tell you a story about a man who invested his money in a mutual fund and a few years later when he saw that money back and there was that money in the stock market a year later when his money more than doubled. He took the money and when he saw that he had become the richest man because the market in which he was invested gave a very high profit. If you also want to invest your money in the right place then Mutual Fund is the best option for you.

if you want to get more profit by investing a little money and that too in less time then you can invest in your cryptocurrency. There are articles on which I have written earlier where I was more profitable. whenever you invest in the stock market, you have to make sure that when you invest in the company in which you invest, you should have all the knowledge because when you invest, 

you know Whether it pays dividends to the company or not and if it does not pay dividends then does this company invest its profit that we owe back to its company if it does and you have seen the balance sheet of this company So you can trust him and invest in this company but in mutual fund, those experts invest your money in very good company with immense experience from where they can give you maximum profit. Let’s try. Hope you liked this article. If you like it, please follow me on Facebook. stock market 

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