Spot grid trading for beginners - best crypto coin to invest high profit in trading - binance trading, cashermaking - Stock Market, Make Money

Spot grid trading for beginners – best crypto coin to invest high profit in trading – binance trading, cashermaking

Today I will tell you what is spot grid trading. How can you make a lot of profit from spot grid trading and make a lot of money from cryptocurrency? If you are a beginner then this option is great for you on the Binance application if you don’t know anything about cryptocurrency. You can use this spot grid option.

Spot grid trading for beginners-best coin to invest high profit in trading-binance trading-cashermaking

#1:Spot Grid Trading For Beginners

  • Best Coin To Invest In Spot Grid
  • Trading Strategy All Types Of  Trading

I will tell you a lot about trading in this article, so be sure to read this article. I will explain to you in very simple language that you can trade like this and I have written a lot of articles on cryptocurrency and the stock market. About in the simplest language, you can read.

If you invest in cryptocurrency at the behest of someone or by asking someone, you will be at a loss because you do not know what fundamental analysis is. How do you view the same cryptocurrency? Invest there and when you have a loss, you say that there is only loss in cryptocurrency, you can’t make money from it, there is no way that I will tell you today, if you are a beginner, then you must make money. 

#2:Spot Grid Trading On Binance

First, you have to install the binance application on your mobile. If you don’t know then you can install binance from the play store. Binance is currently the biggest crypto exchange. You have created your account here To complete Kyc and here you will find a strategy trading option. When you get to the main page, you will get the option of strategy trading.

Spot grid is made for beginners only so that if they do not know how to trade and they do not know when to buy and sell coins then they will use Binance software. All you have to do is invest your money and its software. Time will invest your money. This is a very good function. If you have not yet made money, trading seems difficult. This option is for you. It is available on Binance.

Very nice step by step will guide you on how you have to work here and where to find this option. Let’s start, first, you will see the first page when you log in to your account then you will get the option of strategy trading there. When you find this option there you have to click on it. Now in this option, you get 3 more options.

#3:Artificial Intelligence Of Binance

Basically what happens in this option is that you put your money here and tell me that I want to buy a coin so many times then binance application tells you how much profit you will get and what percentage of profit you will make. They will be shown to you here. Binance’s Artificial Intelligence System Invests Your Own Money You may not know which is the best time to trade but that Artificial Intelligence System will invest your own money.

He will put money in the best place which will be there and when you make a profit, it will be withdrawn from your account. You will find there 3 options spot grid and feature grid and Twap we do not select either we just have to trade on the spot grid. Future grid trading is very risky so never trade-in feature grid.

#4:Best Coin To Invest In Spot Grid Trading

When you click on the spot grid you will first have the option to select the coin. I will tell you which coin to invest in and where you will get the most profit and money. I will tell you 3 coins in which you have to invest for a very good profit and you have very little chance of this loss. Let me tell you these 3 coin.

  1. Ethereum
  2. BNB
  3. Solana

For these three coins, I have shown you coins in which the chances of loss are very low. The first is Ethereum in which you will have a huge profit and if you are going to invest a large amount, it will be a very good profit as it does not come from a big business, then this coin is the best, it comes second. Binance has its own coin. BNB is quite a good coin.

#5:Trading Strategy Of All Types Of Trading

If you are going to invest even a small amount then you can definitely invest in this great coin. The 3rd coin Solana has got a very good market in a very short time and here it can give you a good profit. This is a coin whose price does not go too high and does not go down too much. This average can give you a good profit.

Here you will find 2 options one auto in a manual auto if you look down here you will see your dollars but you cannot trade below 838$ so you have to click on the manual button. If you want to invest a few dollars, you have to click on the manual button.

As soon as you click on the main button you will find two options here one is arithmetic one is geometric you have to select arithmetic. There will be an option of high price and low price. It will trade between your high price and low price and will trade as many times as you put the grid here. You have to set a low price to see how low it is today. Whichever coin you are investing in.


If the price goes down, it will automatically close your trade and your profit will be credited to your account. Here you have to decide how many times it will trade, how many times it will trade, it will buy low price and sell at a high price. So this was trading. You can definitely use this trading. If you are a beginner and new to crypto then this trading is very good. You can read more of this tutorial.

I hope you liked this article. If you want to read more articles about cryptocurrency then you can definitely go to my section on cryptocurrency and read the article. In an article, I told you how I made a profit of Rs.4Lac And if you want to read about the stock market, I have written a lot of articles on it. You can definitely read that article too.

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