Penny stock scams, story of my office penny stock scam, Penny Stocks india

Penny stock scams- story of my office penny stock scam- Penny Stocks india
You must read today’s article You can avoid penny stock scam Let’s start reading.

#1: Penny Stock Scams

  • Story Of Penny Stock Scam

There are a lot of penny stocks that I have mentioned to you but there are some penny stocks that will waste all your money so be sure to read today’s article and I will tell you one thing about it Only the servant of the office. There are so many penny stocks in the market that are fake stocks they have no future and they will just waste money.

#2: Penny Stock Scam Story My office

Once I was sitting in the office and my office worker comes to me and asks me what is this stock like, should I invest or not, I told him that I do not know about this stock. I will tell you about it by doing analysis. Then I called him to my office and asked him who recommended this stock to you.
Then he replied to me and said that Sir I had received a message a few days ago then he told me that in this message it was written that buy this stock this stock is worth 2 rupees and it will go up to 38 rupees. So I asked him to tell the truth and how much money you have invested in it so he told me that I have invested one lakh rupees.

I asked him how many days ago you bought this stock. He told me that I bought this stock fifteen days ago. Has been down. I told him that you must have suffered a loss. When I saw his money, only 60 thousand rupees out of one lakh were left.
He had made a loss of Rs. 40,000 so now he was asking me if it was good for stock investment or not. If the stock market goes down, it goes up after a few days. He told me that now that the market has come down, I should invest more money.

#3: Trust On Scam Massages

I asked him how he got so much trust in a message that the stock was losing money. He said what is your analysis? I asked him if you saw the annual report of the company how much revenue the company generates. How much profit is the company or any analysis of the company or relying on a message you have invested money or he said I did not see anything.

He said that there are constant messages and recommendations and people say that this stock will definitely give profit to the buying attitude. He told me that there was a first stock which was ten rupees and in a few days it became 16 rupees and I saw that money is increasing in the stock market. He said that he had been watching many times but this time I invested money.

He told me that if the market came down, I would invest in it and the market would go up. I told him to forget the loss of 40,000 rupees and take out his 60,000 rupees. I told him that this stock is not correct, so forget about the loss and take out your money. What I said to him made me feel like I was giving him some wrong advice but he didn’t take the money.

A few days later he met me again and I asked him how the stock was doing. He told me that if I had invested one lakh then now I have only 18 thousand rupees left. So I told him to forget the loss and take out the money that was left. He didn’t listen to me and he kept losing even more and then he didn’t even go up penny stock.

#4: Don’t Buy Penny Stock Without Analysis

How many people in the world would fall victim to this scam? There are a lot of people who invest in stocks and buy a lot of stocks and buy more stocks than their own money.There are a lot of stocked stocks in which people invest.

If those people have sent a message to one million people and ten thousand of them read the message and then invest in it. If he invests even one lakh rupees, then a lot of money went to penny stock. Millions of rupees have gone into this penny stock and it will definitely go up in price. That is why he was saying that the price of every stock goes up and that is why I invested in this stock.

We call it pump now like it had invested the most money and had the most investment and now it will sell its stock it will sell most of the stock then its price will go down very much. Now the servant who had invested the most money will now make his profit but when he will make a profit then the price will come down a lot. You are a slave who has a lot of money invested in it and made a penny stock a very good penny stock but when he sells his stocks the highest price will go down it does not mean that The owners of the company are doing the same.

If the price of a stock is one rupee, then someone has invested crores of rupees in it. He took the stock from Rs. 1 to Rs. 3 by himself. I must invest. So everyone will invest a little bit of money in it and some people will invest a lot of money in it but when it reaches Rs. If one does not invest, the stock price will never go up. This is what happens in the first penny stock, so never buy the stock at the request of anyone without analyzing the company.

So I hope you liked today’s article. I just wanted to tell you the truth that you should avoid all this in a fake way because it is a way in which people are trapped and then they get hurt. If they go and then they never invest, then please take care and invest your money so that you do not lose. First look at the company, look at the company’s product and then trust the company. I have written an article. In which I have given you all the information.
I have written a lot of articles on the stock market, I want to tell you everything in it, so please read the article first, read the whole article and then you will understand what I have understood. If you also subscribe to the YouTube channel. I have made the whole course Read all the articles on the stock market crypto currency on the stock market Complete the whole course and then you have to invest in the stock market.

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