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Today in this article I will tell you a way to make money online you can make a lot of money online with youtube shorts and many people are making a lot of money on youtube because there is a trend of youtube shorts nowadays. If you also want to make good money by copying and pasting from YouTube then I will tell you the method you have to read this whole article let’s start.

How to make money from home-make money from youtube shorts-cashermaking

#1: How To Make Money With Youtube Shorts

  • Copy Paste Work 
  • Use Canva More Videos Idea

First, you have to go to youtube. If you go to the top and type the name of any motivational speaker, you will find millions of videos that will have short videos. These are short videos. People are making a lot of money for you. There are millions of motivational speaker shorts out there. All you have to do is upload a video from YouTube and post it on YouTube charts and you can make money online from home.

But there are some things to keep in mind and I will tell you how to edit the video if you do not want to copy and paste and then how to upload the video. First of all, you have to create the channel of any motivational speaker. There are videos on the Motivational Channel. You have to upload the latest videos that are uploaded to them. You can upload this video but how do upload the latest video.

Before you can upload this video, you have to open it in your video editor and edit this video, you have to make short videos. When you edit a video you have to watch the whole video first you will find a lot of motivational clips in it you have to edit them and make a short video of it.

If you know where the vertical option in your video editor comes from. So you have to make the video vertical, if it doesn’t come then you have to keep it simple as a video. And as much as there is a motivational part, you have to trim it for 1 minute. You have to write the same title as the title of the video you took from there. You must also write the name of the motivational speaker.

#2: Use Canva

Now you have to open canvas and in canvas, we will add this video, we will cover it well so that it looks like a presentation video, we will edit it on canvas very well and then we will upload it. You have to open Canva’s website and there you will find the option of videos. You have to go to the video selection.

When you upload your video to edit there on canvas then you will find a template option there you have to click on the template option and whatever you like the template you have to add it there. If there is any text on this template, you can delete it. You have to delete the video that is included in this template and upload your video there.

You can adjust the video in your own way. If you want to change the background color of the template, you can change the background color if you find that option. You may not find it copyrighted on our channel, but many channels have picked up and uploaded many YouTube videos of others. All those channels are still running, they have not got any copyright.

#3:More Videos Ideas

I will also tell you another way that will never give you any copyright or strike. If you take videos of any motivational channel, you will find a lot of lines which do motivational. You can write these clips somewhere, memorize them, speak them in your videos and upload them yourself. It will not give you any copyright and it will not come to you. You can easily do this work here.

Make your own videos and work hard and then from there, you will never suggest to you in making money that you pick up someone else’s video and upload it on your channel and make money. You can see the word and in the same way, you can say them in your videos.

You can definitely hear someone’s word like you hear motivational clips of what he has said in it and after that, you will never get copyright by uploading it on your channel. And you can make a lot of money online from there

#4: How To Make Money

There are a lot of people who make money from online YouTube shorts and have millions of views and then they do all the brand promotion in which they also do promotion and also make a lot of money on it and it gives them some Copyright does not come and they are making a lot of shorts on YouTube and making money online.

You can also make money online if you read all the articles on this website on how to make money with cryptocurrency and there are many ways that I have explained on my website how you can make money online. The line can make money I have written a great series on you and the stock market in which I have told you how you can make a lot of money from cryptocurrency or from the stock market.

There are a lot of people who upload the status of WhatsApp inside YouTube shorts and videos and earn millions of rupees by promoting because they raise millions on such videos and also promote a lot of bread and those channels. Some get monetized. You can too but WhatsApp status is a risky task in which you find monetization very difficult.

Because nowadays everybody posts these WhatsApp statuses and to post WhatsApp good statuses they pick up from YouTube and post those statuses on their WhatsApp just like you also have to get very good status credits if If you want to create but there is no point in creating WhatsApp status because you will get a copyright on every video there and whatever video you upload there you will either upload it in short. You have to upload copyrighted music.

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