how to increase performance of wordpress, how to increase website loading speed,

Let’s talk about how you can speed up your website. You should know that every time we open our website if it takes time to load, it means that if your website has too many MB Thumbnails then your website will load slowly. increase website speed.

how to increase performance of wordpress, website how to improve website speed wordpress, how to increase website loading speed in wordpress...

increase loading speed, increase website speed.

If any of you use this SEO, the e-slow load error you see there is because the images on your website are more MB.

Let’s see how you can solve this problem and how to increase the speed of your website.

Increase website speed free Webp converter
next-generation format converter web images are the future generation image format that will raise your website to a new level by
increasing the site speed thanks for learning.

so let’s get going with today’s first we will check one site in page
speed insight I will test this site here you can see here the
speed on the mobile is 80 and if you go down google is also recommending using the next-generation format.

Convert In Webp

when you click on that it is telling you to use these
two formats Webp and AVIF because these two formats are much better than
png and jpeg.

because your images will load faster and it will also
use less data webp converter well this is a free totally free
site that allows you to convert any number of images. 

yes unlimited image conversions without the need of
creating any account no login required some benefits, for example,
I will show you here better page experience improve SEO will
reduce data storage images will load faster well the best thing about this site is here you can first read. 

the article related to web p images I mean the benefit
so that you get a clear idea beforehand and then as you go down you can
see here the example of these two images converted and the
sizes before and after the conversions then move further down and

you have two options just choose the file bring in the
image and it will start converting immediately or you can simply drag it in here then
you simply have to right-click and do save as or click on the image and
you will be taken to your desired file location to save it in
the folder explore the site you will be happy with it it is
free I hope this video will help and benefit you thank you for read will appreciate. 

When there is a lot of traffic to your site, your images take time to load. This can have a huge impact on the SEO of your website and can even ruin your SEO. If a user’s internet is bad then whenever he comes to your website the website will be slow and difficult because of not loading the images and he will not come to your website again. It will also have a significant effect on your traffic. how to increase website speed.

If you convert your website’s thumbnail to covert in web and upload it to your website, it has a great effect on your SEO and you will benefit a lot. Convert and upload your website’s thumbnail to the web. This will speed up your website and improve your SEO. how to increase the performance of WordPress, how to increase website loading speed in WordPress,

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