how to get rich, how to become rich with cryptocurrency,

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how to get rich, get rich with cryptocurrency…

If you want to invest in crypto and get rich then you must invest in crypto and get rich. Now when the market goes back up after the crash, it will benefit you a lot. If you are buying bitcoin etc., you will get a good profit from it.

If you invest and hold on to cryptocurrency right now, you can get rich by taking your crypto market to a higher level.

I want to give you guys one of the most important lessons
I’ve learned in cryptocurrency in my one and a bit years of journey you see you
have to ask guys when you’re in crypto you have to have a
strategy you can’t just and hold all the time. 
50 60 70 and maybe you might be a mage right now in your 20s um
but I want to get rich.

before I’m 30 and I’m not talking 500k 600k I want to have a super
super huge net worth And with now no
honestly doing
that plenty work but you have to
do research in the coins that you’re doing but you have a strategy and  plan. 
because i’ll show you
right now let’s jump in the screen real quick
you already know what takes
in case you do not have a strategy a fumble comes
in 69k and you hold all back down and fine to do i’ve done that
you’ve done that but the worst thing you can do you can sell you

A 60 you would possibly put 10 grand for your remaining 10 rounds it truly is 5 grand which is good it really is the way you accumulate wealth by means of investing and then getting a task nothing wrong with a job or whatever you for your side income
and work put it back here and that’s you make it but if
you sell.

at 30k and you sell at 29k you’re just literally shooting
yourself in the foot you might as well just took a huge haircut and just you
know watch the game of football and just never came in the crypto space because
that is the wrong attitude but unfortunately a lot of people are doing.

how to become rich.

that i’ve done that and in  dudes i want to kind of give you an overall
kind of spectrum what i’m doing what i’m looking for and how to get actually
rich in crypto
  not in 30 40 years
although we will talk approximately that as nicely due to the fact this is a strategy
is fine with yield and all that kind of stuff is great but i want to talk about
really the two most important trades your life.

you realy need to make it in crypto so let’s go over more of
a kind of spectrum i really want to just not this is not a quote by the way obviously
but this is just something I really thought about right now is we’re in this
kind of sideways match mark right now where you know bitcoin’s at 39k on a
tuesday and then it goes to 41 which is right now it’s now at 42.

heck we’re up seven percent today which is great but then
i’ll go back down to 39 and that doesn’t bother me but  section because i didn’t really check the
comment section that much i try and respond
to you as an awful lot as viable but when i’m looking at crypto  for inspiration and ideas and just getting the

going i really look at stuff and i see so much fun in the
market especially around coins either xrp h bar um that’s fine because what you
have to understand is and it’s so so so good to be in 2022 and be young if you
are hopefully you are and healthy because more delays equals more time to
accumulate because can you imagine guys when bitcoin was i think there was a
tweet it was so funny i wish.

i could pull up it was like back in 2013 I seeing it on
twitter and it was a guy that bought bitcoin at four bucks and he sold at 11
and he was like yes i nearly tripled my money come back to 11 bitcoin how much
money would you put i would sell my soul my kidneys and everything.

to buy bitcoin 11 because right now and not talking 10 20 30
years ago you don’t have to hold it to 60k you could have held that for a
couple years if not anyone else and it wouldn’t you wouldn’t be here right now
it would not matter.

you’d be doing whatever you want and it just nothing would
make sense to you anymore because you’ve got so much money at that point so
when bitcoin’s 40k is the time gone for bitcoin to get rich in my opinion yes

Ethereum is the theorem at 2700 can it go to 10k sure can it
go to 20k probably does it go to 50k raul paul but did he say 120k sure.

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