Domain not open without www – website not working without www – without www website not open

In this article I will tell you how to solve this problem if your domain is not open without www. Read today’s full article and if you have any problem with DNS setting If your domain is not opening without a reason then today I will tell you if you have bought domain from any platform host break GoDaddy from anywhere then how you can solve this problem.

Domain not open without www - website not working without www - without www website not open

If Your Domain Is Not Open To Both
https: / yourdomain or

You are being shown these two problems. You are being shown two problems which are also shown in the thumbnail of this article. And here you will also find some pictures. If you are having this problem with this cloudflare DNS setting then you can fix it or you can fix it even if they are having this problem. After reading this article I give you 100% guarantee that your problem will not be solved without opening your domain without www.



Whenever you open your domain without www, your domain is not open, because of this you do not get approval of adds. You get a lot of problems. If it does not happen, it can get Site Air Can’t Reach or Redirect Other Domain. You can also get it from Cloudflare’s DNS settings or you may have this problem even if you have purchased Domain from any platform. There is a solution that I have found and you will not find anywhere on Google.

You may have this problem when you do your DNS settings with Cloudflare or you do this DNS settings with GoDaddy Host break or any other platform from which you purchased your domain. There are so many solutions out there yet but the one I am going to tell you today is the best solution. Any solution that is on YouTube or Google does not work because I am writing this article after doing a lot of research. So let’s start now and let you know how to fix it.

# 2: Check Our Problem Cloudflare DNS Settings Or Domain DNS Settings

  • Hostbreak
  • GoDaddy
  • NameCheap
  • Etc

  • Ad IP Address In DNS Setting
  • Enable SSL Certificate Cloudflare And Blogger
  • Redirect Our Domain In Domain Provider DNS
  • Setting OR Cloudflare DNS Setting I Explain You How You Can Fix It

Domain not open without www - website not working without www - without www website not open

The first thing you see in the picture above is that even if you do not enter the IP address in your DNS settings, you will still have this problem. If you do not have SSL certificate, you will turn it on first. You have to go to Cloudflare and here you will find the option of SSL. You have to open it on SSL & TLS Settings as shown in the picture above. There you have to open HTTPS. I have to add IP address. You will encounter this problem on Blogger. That is why you have to add all IP addresses in DNS settings.

Open SSL certificate

Free SSL certificate domain not working without www

# 3: How You Can Find And Ad IP Address On Your DNS Setting Let’s Explain

At the very bottom of this article you will find a link. As soon as you click on this link you will find a website. You have to go there and you will find the IP address there. Now let me tell you. How to add IP address First you have to select ‘Type’ A In NAME you have to write the name of your website without www then you have to copy the first IP address that I have given the link and it There you have to paste in the Content area then in the same way you have to add four IP addresses in your DNS settings and their PROXIDE ON and you have to keep it on Auto.

# 4: Redirect Domain Most Important Step

  • Redirect Domain www To Without www If your domain is not open to both
  • https: / yourdomain or

Domain not open without www - website not working without www - without www website not open

In the picture above you see how to redirect the domain. In the section above you have to write your domain with www and then next you have to type https: // yourdomain. com Here it is written as follows * / Yes you must apply as shown in the picture Step By Step All your work is to be done as you will do this setting then there is another last step that you can do. Your domain will be open only after this. If you do not do this setting, you will have a lot of problems. Your domain will never be open. Even after redirecting, your domain will not be open.

# 5: Last Important Step Finally Now Your Website Will Open Without www

Domain not open without www - website not working without www - without www website not open

Here you will see in the picture the setting. You have to FLEXIBLE it. Remember this is an important step. As soon as you click on it, all the problems of your domain will be gone. You have to click on Flexible on it. If it is on Full or Off then you have to do it on “Flexible”. Remember this is the work you have to do. Domain will be open. You can also comment me below. I will answer you. After completing all these steps, your domain will be open.

Click Here For IP Address

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