Cloudflare 521 520 fix error – Domain not open without www – How do I fix error code 522?

Today’s article is very important for people who are blogging and when setting up cloudflare dns error occurs Cloudflare 521 error This problem does not occur and their website does not open without www or if Even if it is being opened, they get this error. The problem is that when your website is not open without www, that is, if you do not put www next to the domain name of your website, then this website is not open. Cloudflare 522 error or cloudflare 521 error is shown on your website and your website is not open.

Domain not open without www

# 1: Cloudflare 522 Error or Website Not working without www
  • Cloudflare 521 Error Domain Not Open Without www

As I told you above, you get this error when your website does not open without www. Here this error comes when your website does not have a secure connection, which means you do not have SSL certificate. on or did not redirect domain when you buy domain from any website and they do not give you that ssl certificate you can also get ssl certificate for free from cloudflare and open on your website whenever you If you open your website, it will open in Secured Connection, but it has a lot of settings which will cause you to have this problem. I will tell you.

# 2: Solve Problem Cloudflare 522 Error Cloudflare error 521 And Domain Not Open Without www

Cloudflare 522 error and cloudflare 521 520 fix error - Domain not open without www - How do I fix error code 522?

Now we are going to solve this problem. First you have to open your cloudflare account then you will get an SSL & TLS option there. You have to click on this option as soon as you click on the option. You will see the image that I have shown above. You will see an interface like this. You will get the option of Full or OFF here. You have to keep this setting in mind when this server is connected to the server of your domain. If so, the encrypted server in between does not allow your website to open, so you get host error 521.

  • Covert Setting Full To Flexible And On SSL

All you have to do in this setting is write full or there is any option in it. You have to do it on Felaxible. Now your cloudflare error will be solved. There is a setting in which you have to do this. If your domain without www is not open then this is a very important setting. You must do that. I have written a previous article. It has been 100% solved but today I will teach you how to solve the Cloudflare 522 Error.

Cloudflare 522 error and cloudflare 521 520 fix error - Domain not open without www - How do I fix error code 522?

You will get the SSL HTTPS option under this setting. All you have to do is click on it and turn on Https. This setting you will get absolutely free. When you use Google Hosting your domain in Google Hosting is connected to cloudflare so if they do not give SSL certificate then your domain is not open but Google gives you free SSL certificate but if you If the domain provider does not give you SSL then domain without www is not open so you see in the picture given above go to SSL & TLS and turn on HTTPS.

# 3: Solve 522 Error Domain Not Working Without www let’s Solve It Redirect Domain

  • Make Page Rule Setting Redirect

If you get Cloudflare 522 Error then you have to do the setting of 521 as you did set it in. You have to click on Felaxible. Now you have to redirect your domain as I have given in the picture above. To redirect the domain you have to type with domain with www. There you see the page rule set. You have to go to it. You have to click on page rule. You have to click on create page rule and there You first have to type* in your domain. You have to set the forwarding URL on the picked setting required.

Select status code 301 you have to set on permanent redirect then you have to type https: // yourdomain below then you have to save all these settings and after a while you will open your domain then it will be done without any problem. If this is the whole set you must do, then whatever error you may have will be solved. If you want to read a detailed article, then definitely read it. I will give the link below. You can read this article. I am giving you the link to all the cloudflare host break GoDaddy or any kind of problem that you have mentioned in this article.

Read article without www doamin not working article fix it 

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