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 In today’s article, I will tell you when you should sell shares. I will tell you in every article that if you are coming to the stock market, always invest in the long term and hold shares for the long term only. And make your profit but today I will tell you when you should sell the shares, what is the right time to sell the shares.

Best time to sell shares-sell shares-share market important knowledge-cashermaking

#1: Fundamental and economic characteristics

  • Changing business fundamentals
  • Something better shows up

If you are investing in the stock market then you know that in the share market you always make long-term investments but you can still make a lot of money from here today I will tell you if you want to sell the shares. So when is it time to sell the shares? When is it time to sell the shares? It would be right for us to just make a profit.

Whenever I tell you about the stock market I always tell you to invest for the long term and for more money and profit but today I will tell you what is the time when You should withdraw all your money. Now that company cannot give them profit. I will tell you today how and when we can withdraw our shares. Someone must have had the right time to sell the stock. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain’t for me either. Looks like BT ain’t for me either.

#2: Changing fundamentals or economic characteristics of a business.

We will first look at how we buy stocks. We buy stocks when we buy stocks by analyzing their fundamental analysis and the industry in which the company is operating. You should only sell stocks when there is a fundamental change in the business or a change in economic character.

#3: What are economic characteristics?

What does it mean to have economic characteristics change? Economic characteristics mean that whatever business the company is doing is slowly coming to an end. The business environment begins to change. Now I will explain to you in detail what all this is and you should sell the stock now. I will give you an example.

For example, suppose you are sitting in 2010. Ten years ago, in 2000, you bought a share of a news company. Which was performing very well. But over the years, the company’s profits have plummeted and sales have plummeted. Should you sell this stock now? First of all, you have to find out why all this is happening and whether it is all temporary. And the company will handle it all or you will check it in your own way.

You did some analysis and you found out that all this is happening because now technology has started to take over. Steve Jobs launched the iPhone three years ago, so if people get news on their iPhone, why would they buy a newspaper and read their news in an hour because of the latest news iPhone or Displayed on any Android mobile. Which they read in a while.

And they don’t have to wait for the next day to find out what’s going on in the world. So you guessed it, the economic ideologies of the newspaper are changing and the business of the newspaper is coming to an end. The shares of this company should be sold as soon as possible as this business will never come back. And the only good thing is to sell the share quickly. Shares will go down day by day.

It is said that with the change of economic characteristics, we think that the oil business may end very soon because now electric vehicles will come and in the houses which have electricity, this oil is used in the powerhouse, so they Shift to Powerhouse Solar. My guess is, if you think so, be sure to comment below. And the second is also environment friendly, electric vehicles and solar, etc.

 #4: Changing business fundamentals

For example, there is a food company whose business and profit have started to decline. Because food is an industry that can never end. And it will always be in business and now you have to analyze why this is happening. Maybe this company is facing some difficulties that another company has come into the market which is its competitor and Doing business at a much better rate.

And if you start performing well everywhere, now you have to see if there is a chance that the company can come back. If you are analyzing a small company then if that company is small it is difficult for that company to come back. Coins are good for selling their stock, but if a company is big, it will do something and come back in some time in business. Just as stocks are analyzed when purchased, so it is important to analyze them when selling.

#5: When something better shows up

This means you should sell shares of any company when you see a good opportunity. You need money for this company for example you have invested in one company and you think my money grows 17 to 18% per year then you want to invest in another company and you Looks like there could be a 23 to 24 percent increase in money.

In such a case you should sell the stock of one company and invest in another company because its feature can be good. If these people want, they will really give you that company. And this proves to be your good decision.

Lest you sell the stock of a good company and invest in a bad company and you lose out. It often happens that people get nervous and sell theirs because they think that this company will hurt us more and it’s stock will fall even more. But first, you have to make sure that the stock I am buying will benefit me.

If you are worried about the price going down in the stock market, you can never succeed in the market right now. The only person who can succeed in the stock market is the one who can control his emotions. You always have to make the right decision that I have got all the details in what I am doing so you also invest and I have written a lot of articles on the stock market and made a whole list you must You can go and read all these articles.

If you want to read about cryptocurrency here then you want to read about the stock market then you must go and read all my articles and you will understand what penny to k are and how to use them. You can definitely go and see what I told you about a very good penny stock for India. Be sure to read my article and you will find it in the stock market option.

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