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Today I will tell you that a penny stock which is very good for India and you can earn a lot of money by investing in it. You can definitely invest in it by visiting your Google. You can do fundamental analysis but it is a very good penny stock that has not lost much time.

Best penny stocks name for india-india best penny stock for long term-cashermaking

#1:What Is Penny Stock-Who Penny Stock Works
  • Best Penny Stock Name For India
  • Share Market strategy

I will tell you about the best penny stock but first I will tell you what are penny stocks and why their price is so low. Most people think that penny stocks are bad, their price never goes up and there is a loss. What I will tell you today is that penny stock is good enough that you can invest in it.

Penny stocks are stocks whose price is less than 20 to 25 rupees. They are called penny stocks which have very low market capitalization. Many traders and investors think that if I buy a lion worth one thousand, they will get only fifty lions out of fifty thousand, but if they buy a lion worth ten or twenty rupees, they will get 10000 to 12000 shares in fifty thousand. of shares will get more.

If 4to 5 rupees penny stock 2to 3 rupees also goes up then they will get a lot of money which means they can earn a lot more profit in less time. This thinking is wrong because most penny stocks are useless. Here I am not saying that the higher the price, the better the shares. Whether a stock is good or not depends on the company and the company’s fundamentals.

#2:Share Market Strategy Important Topic

It is wrong to buy a share just by looking at the price of the shares. Some people think that the bigger the share price, the bigger the company, but the lower the share price, the lower the value of the company. This is not true. This thinking is completely wrong. This never happens. The share price of a company has nothing to do with whether the company is big or small.

Let me give you a good example. In fact, it is the same. You must have heard the name MRF. MRF Company has a tire business MRF Company’s share price is 72,000.


Can you tell me which of these two companies is bigger? If your answer is MRF then you are wrong. The share price of a company has nothing to do with whether the company is small or large. Whether the company is small or large can only be determined by market capitalization. The market is the formula of capitalization.

  • Formula Of Market Capitalization.
  • Price Of One Share x Number Of Share Outstanding.
  • MRF Share Price 72,000 INR Rupees. And Number Of Shares Outstanding. 62,00000 Share Price Multiply by x No Of Out Standing Shares. 210.34B
  • Icici Bank share price 772 INR x multiple by no of share 3.421B 249B

In that sense, Icici Bank is much bigger than Mrf Company. That is why the share price does not depend on whether the company is small or large. That’s why you should pay more attention to the company’s product business and the company’s future than the company’s share price so that you can get good stock. It is important to always do fundamental analysis and pay attention to everything the company needs to buy a good stock.

#3:Best Stock Name To Invest Money

Let me tell you, this is the best stock and you can invest in it. This stock is for India only and I will tell you a lot of stocks in which you should invest and their feature is very good for long term if you want to hold for 2 to 3 years. penny stock is the name of this penny stock.

  • Johnson Pharmacare Ltd. Now the price is 1.25 INR 
  • A high price is 1.46 INR rupees
  • Almost 7 years high 17.00 rupees

If we talk about penny stock then why penny stock is penny stock first you should think about it. And to find the answer you need to look at the company’s background, fundamentals, and products. Some shares of Penny stock are very difficult to find if you want to sell. There are many things to keep in mind when training in penny stock.

#4:How Penny Stock Works

If you are trading then you have to be very careful about the timing. If your timing is wrong due to liquidity then your whole trading can be bad. When investing and trading in stocks, you must also pay attention to the liquidity of the stock.

Some stocks are very good and can convert your small investment into a huge amount. As I give you a great example, you must have heard the name of Rakesh jhunjhunwala who bought a lot of shares in titan company in 2003 at the rate of three rupees. The Titan Company, 

  • Example Of Rakesh Jhunjhunwla 

which is now a huge brand of jewelry, had bought more shares in terms of three rupees and their share price is very high today. 2,333 INR Rupees If so, it shows that a penny stock has made a profit of more than 18000%.

This does not mean that every stock will turn out to be multi begar. It is very difficult to find the good stock in Penny stock so I can tell you that you can invest in this stock. You can invest 5% of your investment in this stock. I will tell you many more stocks in which you can invest. You will find and write articles on them.

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