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In today’s article, you are going to find a way and a new way. If you want to make daily money from cryptocurrency then this way is going to be very useful for you. Best crypto to invest in. 

Become a rich with crypto daily trading without risk-no coin holding-cashermaking

Eran 40000 Rupees Monthly With Cryptocurrency

As you know there are multiple coins in the market Dogecoin, Ethereum is bitcoin is litecoin. And there is also a stable currency like Usdt Ether you must have heard the name. Usdt is a stable coin. which had a low price of 170 was the lowest price and the high price is 187 rupees High Price. So that means USDT is around USD’s price, people say. Usdt is a stable coin so it does not have a high price up to and down it is very low up and down on daily basis. Its price ranges from Rs 170 to Rs 187.

Eran 10K profit

Now let me give you an example. Suppose you have one lakh rupees, you have one lakh rupees and a Usdt of 170 rupees is running. We bought it for 170 rupees. We have 535 Usdt. If this Usdt goes to Rs 187 then you will earn 10% profit from it. And that’s a pretty good profit. You earned 10 thousand rupees by investing in cryptocurrency 1Lac and you earned 10 thousand rupees on it. I am not telling you that this price will come in one day but if the price in 185 to 187 rupees comes daily.

In just five days, the price has gone up from Rs185 to Rs188. Almost per day 3 to 4 rupes, Daily price is increasing. So this price from 184 to 187 rupees is watching you daily. So let’s talk about earning every day. So you will see a daily increase of 2 rupees. Suppose in Usdt you bought for 184 rupees and you sold for 185 rupees.

How to earn daily with crypto

Now you will say what is the difference between these 2 rupes then I will tell you how much more money you can make. I will explain it to you. You made one lakh rupees of investment and the same investment if you sell USD every day when its price goes up then you can earn 40 thousand rupees per month from daily trading you can see this business is very From the best business you invested one lakh and you earned forty thousand rupees monthly. 

The more you invest, the more you can earn up to Rs 60,000 per month. Daily you have to trade usdt and from that, you can earn two to three thousand rupees or one thousand rupees daily. And this business is very guaranteed business. You can make good money here. If you are wasting your time elsewhere and you are not getting anything, then you must invest and earn money online with cryptocurrency.

Best crypto to buy for example

If you open a shop and have 1lac rupees items there, you will never make that much profit. You have to invest only one lakh rupees and you have earned forty thousand rupees monthly and that is equal to the salary of an officer. I would like to say the same thing to those who say that cryptocurrency is a useless thing. If you are not interested in this thing then never come to see it. You should know how much money is in the currency and how it works and How people got rich from it. You must start this business and earn a thousand rupees monthly from it. 

If you invest in any cryptocurrency you run the risk that you may be at a loss but usdt is a currency where you have no loss and it is a stable currency you get forty thousand rupees from daily training You can earn monthly and there is no such business and there is no cryptocurrency that can give you so much money. People who invest in cryptocurrency think that we will get so much return if we have invested it in coin then we will get so much money. 

I want to tell these people that you must start this business once and earn thousands of rupees. You will not be afraid of harm here and there is no risk. For example, if you invest one lakh and you earn 1% of the day, you earn 365% of the annual money in a year, you double the money, but if you do not earn even 1%, then one day after leaving one day, you If you earn one percent, you earn 100% a year. In that one year, the money doubles. You will get a 100% return here. It doesn’t matter how much your investment is. 

If we believe in the cryptocurrency you believe in the stable coin you will get a 100% return. Dogecoin, for example, sometimes sells for Rs. 25, sometimes for Rs. 30, sometimes for Rs. 50. Whoever buys for Rs. If you are trading Usdt, then everyone knows that even if its price goes down, it will come down to a maximum of Rs 175 and cannot go down. Its price will go up. I told you that if you get a rating of 1% daily then it is a big business in this time cryptocurrency. This totally depends on your investment, how much you invest and how much you earn. If you invest one lakh, you can earn 40 thousand rupees per month and that means you can earn one thousand rupees daily. 

If you invest less than that, you can earn five hundred rupees daily. It depends on your total investment, how much money you can earn daily and earn monthly. If a person is investing Rs. 1 million, he is earning Rs. 10,000 per day and Rs. 300,000 per month. The investment depends on it and the return must be 365% per annum. You can make a profit here. For less than 200% per year, you can double or triple the money from here. Three 3x will double your money. Today your knowledge of cryptocurrency must have increased a lot. 

I explained to you in a way how much money you can earn from here and how much money you have to invest and get a return form here. If you want to know more about cryptocurrency then be sure to read my other article Here are some tips to help you make money. If you want to analyze crypto and you want to invest in a coin of cryptocurrency then I have already written an article on it where I have mentioned the top 5 coins in which you can invest and get one hundred percent profit. You can read the link to this article by clicking here

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